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Ejaculation delay spray Stud 100

Stud 100: Its active ingredient is a local anesthetic that is used to decrease the sensitivity of the penis before the erotic contact. The decrease of the sensitivity causes a delay in the ejaculation in cases of extremely quick or early ejaculation. The usable quantity and the time period vary from person to person, but the usual recommended dosage is 3-8 sprays on the cockhead and on the penis 5-15 minutes before the contact. You must always use the minimum quantity. Do not exceed 24 sprays a day. Do not use the spray repeatedly for more than 3 months without prior consulting your doctor. Do not spray near the eyes or the nostrils. If you or your partner develop a rush stop the usage immediately. If you feel unwell or have unpleasant side effects after the use of the spray consult the doctor or your pharmacist. Do not use the spray after its expiration date. Kept up to 25 ° C. Kept away from children. IT CONTAINS: fragrant isopropylesterol, steatic acid and perfume 120, lidocaine 9.6%