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Special gel clitorisex 25ml for the stimulation of the clitoris

Special gel clitorisex 25ml for the stimulation of the clitoris. Made in Germany. "For more than 30 years it represents the highest quality and a tremendous attribution that is constantly adjusted to the most recent findings. This is what makes our products so valuable, their ingredients. We combine traditional ingredience with modern compositions-for more resilience, energy and rejuvinized desire. Selected vitamins extracts from quality fruits and pressures oils promote healthy sexuality. The trust to our food supplements for strengths from inside. For external use try efficient combinations of cosmetics made specially for sensitive skin, genital area that helps the blood stimulation, rejuvinates and revigorates.

Enjoy the soft skin with mild care. Find with CLITORISEX an auxilliary idea for men and women that supports sexuality not only externally but from inside too "