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  1. The delivery time of 24 hours is referred to the delivery of products at the post office or the courier company. After that it is all up to them to deliver the products to you.
  2. Our products can be sent outside Greece as well.
  3. has some links to external websites, but it is not responsible for their content.
  4. All our clients can return a product within 14 days from the order date, as long as the product and its packing are intact.
  5. Shipping cost is:
  • Orders above 50€ pay no shipping cost (In Greece)

    This privacy policy describes the collection method and usage of your data, and concerns data that you give us upon order or contact with us.


    Information provided by our visitors are used by us in order to contact them and assist them regarding questions, orders, procedures AND/OR in order to improve services AND/OR send offers and other promotional and non promotional content. We DO NOT sell or share your information to 3rd parties.

    Data collection

    Usage. collects 4 types of information regarding users: (1) The information a user provides to complete an order like name, last name, phone, address, postal code e.t.c. We use this information in order to contact you about (i) the delivery of the order, (ii) for confirmation purposes, (iii) for promotional offers and other products of, (iv) special offers of You can choose to accept or not this kind of communication by sending an email at

    Access Every order requires some personal data. You might choose to pay via credit card. In this case we DO NOT store any information of your card. You are redirected to a bank's secure environment in order to complete payment.

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    If you wish to delete your information you can send a request at and we will try to respond as soon as possible.


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