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Our company is based in Thrakomakedones area and has created the online sex shop as the electronic version of our store, that has been around the last 15 years with great success and appeal to the young audience.

You can visit us and shop with internet prices watches, rosaries, you can have body piercing ( nose , eyebrows, navel, lips, tonge), manicure, pedicure, wax, Henna & Henna tattoo with gliter. We decided to create a webpage commensurating with the expectations of our customers, in order to provide the best service, fashionable branded products, at attractive prices.We give you the opportunity to choose among the biggest fashion companies, quality products to emphasize your own, unique style!

We care for your personal data and use powerful SSL encryption to protect your data while browsing or making an order. You can check our SSL's verification at the bottom of the page.

We send your order within 24 hours anywhere in Greece and a few days more for places outside Greece.

Good shopping.


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Address: Ag. Konstantinou 14 & odisseos Acharnai (Menidi)